This page lists the writeups available on specific skills in and around LND.

LND Overview and Developer Guide

Modeled after the Bitcoin Developer Guide, the LND Overview and Developer Guide will provide the necessary conceptual background for developers looking to build on LND.


The installation guide will get you set up to build and run lnd from the command line.


The tutorial is a holistic tour that is intended to teach all the dev-specific skills necessary to work with lnd, by walking through a setup of lnd, a lnd client, RPC, and integration into a web application. This should be completed in tandem with the LND Overview and Developer Guide.

gRPC Guides

The gRPC guides will get you started sending command through gRPC. We have written language specific guides for Python and Javascript:


The Docker guide teaches you how to package lnd and btcd together to make deployment of multiple daemons a bit simpler.