This page lists wallets and Lightning apps (“lapps”) built on LND, along with several compatible apps built on Eclair and c-lightning.


Lightning Desktop App by Lightning Labs:

The Lightning Desktop App is a cross-platform wallet powered by lnd. This application is temporarily down as we upgrade it to be compliant with the LND beta release. See the original announcement for more information, or checkout the code or releases Screenshot of Lightning Desktop App Channel View

Zap Wallet by Jack Mallers

Currently in Beta, the Zap wallet is a mobile and desktop app focused on ease of use and general user experience. Check out the Zap website or read the code on Github

Zap Wallet payment request view

  • Hosted wallet great for quickly trying out Lightning payments on the Bitcoin testnet.


  • Bitrefill: Recharge prepaid phone cards with Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • Y’alls: Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments Screenshot of Yalls home view
  • LNCast: Lightning Network Podcasts
  • Block & Jerry’s: Virtual ice cream shop
  • adWatcher Microservice: Earn satoshis by watching ads or video content
  • Bard: Simple paywall for watching a music visualizer
  • CoinMall: Buy & sell digital products with cryptocurrencies.
  • Free DNS Demo: Purchase subdomains with off-chain payments.
  • Zigzag: Cryptocurrency trading using Lightning (custodial)

Protocol Services

  • Lightning Faucet: Receive free testnet Bitcoin (or Litecoin)
  • Panel for webmasters to manage their full lightning node. Screenshot of dashboard home view
  • kibana: Visualization of the Lightning Network
  • 1ML: Lightning Network search and analysis engine

Developer Tools

  • WooCommerce Plugin: Gateway plugin to accept Lightning payments at WooCommerce stores, built on LND
  • LND Explorer: demo for a web interface for LND. Code on Github
  • Light-weight LND Dashboard: A lightweight web client for LND.
  • LightningJ: A project intending to simplify the integration of Lightning implementations for Java developers, containing simple to use API implementations and converters between JSON and XML.


  • LightningTip: Library to accept tips via the Lightning Network
  • Slack tipbot: Custodial Slack tipbot
  • CoinTippy: Custodial tip bot available on multiple platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram.


Eclair Lapps

Eclair is a Scala implementation of the Lightning Network built by ACINQ

  • Eclair app: on desktop and Android
  • Starblocks: Virtual coffee shop
  • Strike: Stripe-like Lightning payment aggregator API (custodial)
  • Lightning Conductor: A service for converting Lightning balances to BTC and back without having to close or open channels, currently on testnet.

c-Lightning Lapps

c-lightning is a specification-compliant LN implementation in C, under the Elements Project

  • Blockstream store (mainnet): Bitcoin paraphernalia that can only be purchased over LN.
  • Lightning Charge: A drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments
  • WooCommerce Plugin: Original c-lightning version of the Gateway plugin to accept Lightning payments at WooCommerce stores, based on Lightning Charge.
  • Week of Lapps built on Lightning Charge by Nadav Idgi.
    • Nanopos — A simple point-of-sale system for fixed-price goods
    • FileBazaar — A system for selling files such as documents, images, and videos
    • Lightning Publisher for WordPress — A patronage model for unlocking WordPress blog entries
    • Paypercall — A programmer’s toolkit for Lightning that enables micropayments for individual API calls
    • Ifpaytt — An extension of paypercall that allows web developers using IFTTT to request payments for service usage
    • Lightning Jukebox — A fun demo that reimagines a classic technology for the Lightning Network
    • Nanotip — The simple tip jar, rebuilt to issue Lightning Network invoices
  • Shop with Bitcoin Lightning, built on BTCPay and the c-lightning WooCommerce Plugin
  • Elaine Ou’s Twitter bot: Pay for likes, retweets, and follows


If you would like your Lightning app considered for this page, please email a link and one sentence description of your app to [email protected]. If applicable, please specify which Lightning implementation it is built on.